Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Grow up.

Sometimes it seems people do not grow up. Not in the fact that they don't grow older and mature, but in a way which causes them to react to a situation in the same way a child does. In so many ways, you learn so much about a person, just in how they handle situations. Whether it be because they don't get their own way, they are taken off guard, or simply just stressed out. In the past few weeks I have seen people who I looked up too, or have been close too, feel the pressure and crack! Blaming everyone one around them for Thier mistakes, taking things way out of preportion, and become these horrible people who I cannot stand to be around. It's not okay to treat people like they are nobody, it's not okay to take your struggles out on somebody else, and it is absolutely not okay to make excuses for it! I don't want apoligies, I don't want excuses. Grow up and treat people with respect, if you can't, then please stay out of my life. Take off that mask, and that fake smile of yours, it might hide you for a little bit, but your true colours will come out sooner or later. Man up and take responsibility.

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